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Crossmarket - the first digital Off-Market solution for Germany



The first digital Off-market Solution for professional use to sell and buy highly valued off market property deals. Fully automated algorithms are matching the best Buyer and real estates. The Network remains 100% anonymous until a match is made and contains only legally verified partners and properties.


Off-market volume of 60 billion euros p.a.


of professional market actors regularly pursue off-market transactions

Success rate

For three quarters of all sellers and two thirds of all buyers at least every second off-market transaction is successful.

How it works


Just provide relevant information related to the property you want to sell or enter your buying profile. Our intelligent algorithm will find a suitable match for you searching our partner network. You will be informed once a match is found.


You can now choose to disclose your identity. Once both the parties share their identity the handshake is done.


After the handshake you can start the data exchange. You can share your property data and request data from your counterpart.


After the data exchange if both the parties are okay with the property, the deal is closed. You can stop the data share any time before the fourth and final step.

The industries we serve

If you are a significant player in a market where only professionals succeed and your deals are so big that they make a macroeconomic impact, then let’s talk. We can help you get access to customers and buyers suiting your needs
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Modern office places in the heart of the German metropolitan cities. With state-of-the-art amenities and design elements that matches the your brand.

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Every hotel has its own character. We understand that character and essence of your brand. With that understanding we make sure your hotel finds the best buyer in the market.

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For retail location is everything. If you have a great location for a retail space. Crossmarket will give you access to corporate buyers from all over the globe

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Finally, if you are an enterprise and there is a portfolio of properties each with their unique selling points and constraints. We will analyze your portfolio and provide qualified guidance to sell it. We also connect you to real estate agents who have the exact need for such properties.

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High valued residential

Dream homes cannot get dreamier than this. We deal with the superstar properties. If there is high value prime property that’s listed with you

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Healthcare properties need to have a lot of legal clearances and proper contractual agreements. Our team of legal experts will support you to validate the property and close the deal seamlessly.

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Looking for the perfect logistic hub for your growing business. Near to Autobahn? near to an Airport? Properties are always changing hands and we can connect you to the right property or the makler having connection with the right buyer.

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Building plots

You have a plan to build your building from scratch, you have the plan, the finances. The only thing that lacks now is the right plot. Crossmarket can provide you give with you access to plots in your area or anywhere in Germany which will match your needs.

Highest level of protection for your data and your Identity

You will be in complete control of our data. At any stage of the process you decide what data you want to share. You can track and see when files were opened and by whom. All data is stored and processed according to DsGvO guidelines.
Anonymous and protected matching allows new partnership and joint business opportunities without sharing any information until the match is done and both parties agree to engage with each other.

Our Customers

Our partners have many roles and they come from all sorts of industries. But all of them find their offmarket solutions with us
Project developer
Family Office
Other Insurer
Pension fund
Private equity investor
Wealthy private investor
Real estate stock corporation

Our Services

Our services cover all requirements in and around an off market transaction

On market convenience with off market anonymity

Off market property transactions has its own specific challenges. Keeping the deal discrete and maintaining the anonymity as long as needed is of the biggest challenges. Unlike on market property transaction where all information of the property can be published and broadcasted at the onset. Off market properties are high value objects, the data of which cannot published or broadcasted.

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Finding the best Buyer

There was a time when property matches were made in heaven. Not anymore. Now they are made at Crossmarket!! Once a property is listed with us, we qualify and crosscheck the value of the property. Our AI powered backend then matches your property with the buyers globally and finds the best matches for you.

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Suits your Needs

At Crossmarket our intelligent algorithm matches every single detail and requirements in deep granularity and finds only those matches which makes sense in your case.

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360° Verification & Legal support

Offmarket transactions for high value properties are often very complex and time consuming. We at Crossmarket make sure that your time is well invested. Every Crossmarket partner is verified by our team of legal experts. We make sure that our partners are legitimate entities who mean business. All the properties listed at Crossmarket are also verified by our risk and compliance management team. Which means that crossmarket only connects legitimate buyers with the best available properties.

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